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Numbers & Facts

Location: Portugal

City: Lisbon

Client: FFA

Year: 2017

Area: 7.000 m2

Status: Built

Theme: Architecture

Program: Housing, Comercial, mixed use


Architecture Team: Bruna Serralheiro, Joana Pimenta, Diogo Vasconcelos, Kateryna Vasylieva, Paulo Pereira, Pedro Hebil, Joana Marques, Angela Agostinho, Marta Pinto, Lázaro Ourique, Ana Elisa Alves

Design lead: Bruna Serralheiro

Project Manager: Joana Pimenta

Graphic Design Team: Ana Serrazina, Vera Nunes

Structural Eng.: Pecnom

MEP: Prom&E

Cost Calculation: Gandara

Supervision: Ficope

Contractor: Tecniarte

PRATEATO Lofts – the home of the future, where we can live, create, improve, communicate, and feel inspired every single day. Each apartment in PRATEATO complex assures its owner of a functional space that respects everyday needs through its innovative and smart design. Modernity, simplicity, sophistication, minimalism and technology make this project unique and allow us a glimpse of the smart housing of the future.

Inspired by and immersed in its environment, PRATEATO allows its homeowners to enjoy new technologies and a truly contemporary lifestyle. Each apartment in PRATEATO provides a functional space whose innovative and intuitive design is in tune with the everyday needs of living for today and the next generation beyond it.

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1990-095 Lisboa, Portugal


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