Casa Alta
Casa Alta
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Numbers & Facts

Location: Portugal

City: Lisbon

Client: Private

Year: 2023

Area: 165 m2

Status: Built

Theme: Interior design, Architecture, Product design

Program: Residential


Architecture Team: Bruna Serralheiro, Joana Pimenta, Bernar do Vinagre

Interior design team: Ana Rodrigues (Tekstudio)

Supervision: Joana Pimenta (Tekstudio)

Contractor: Tekstudio

This three-bedroom apartment, situated in Lumiar, Lisbon, is meticulously crafted to provide its occupants with a blend of glamour and sophistication within an atmosphere that reflects their narrative: Urban Jungle.

The Urban Jungle concept emerges from the harmonious fusion of the natural and the polished, the interplay between the jungle’s shadow and the city’s light, and the coexistence of the wild and the domestic. The incorporation of dark woods, warm grays, and carefully curated lighting creates an ambiance of comfort and coziness. Simultaneously, the strategic use of metals, glass, and sleek lines adds an urban and cosmopolitan flair.

This concept is not merely an aesthetic choice but a thoughtful reflection of the client’s history and preferences. The result is a unique and timeless apartment designed to embrace the client into their new home.

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