Casa Domino
Casa Domino
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Numbers & Facts

Location: Zambia

City: Lusaka

Client: Private

Year: 2012

Area: 785 m2

Status: Project

Theme: Architecture

Program: Residential


Architecture Team: Bruna Serralheiro, Simone Cunha, Nuno Gonçalves

Domino House is inspired by the surrounding African landscape. The implantation of the architectural object is made in a sensitive and functional way according to the connection between spaces, the postition of the sun, the creation of patios and the presence of water.

Light and matter establish environmental comfort and quality. In order to create a timeless and solid object we relied on a sustainale design. For the exterior coating we have chosen light stone that improves thermal inertia and absorbs less heat. The main patio in the ground floor organizes all the spaces. This patio , along with a secondary one, allows air ventilation and natural light distribution throughout the house.

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