TEKSTUDIO is an innovating architecture and design office, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Founded in 2011 by Bruna Serralheiro, TEKSTUDIO thrives to developed thinking and seeking for the most exciting design solutions to achieve and overcome our client's best expectations.
Prateato | Architecture
Galeria Residence | Architecture
Domino House | Architecture

Our approach drives spatial innovation in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape, interior design and graphic design.
Our focus is on the Human and Sustainable impact in architecture.
Luanda 07 | Inter Design
Alpha Palace | Interior Design
Torres Joalheiros Lounge | Interior Design
We are living in the technology age. Our philosophy pursues the fascination for architecture as a way of expression of the Human Being and how it has been a vehicle of information, which has tried to provide solutions to issues underlying human needs throughout our evolution: Technology.
Our team includes architects, interior architects and designers.

It is intended to frame a multipurpose service that suits customer needs, which will be discussed by several fields of architecture and design.
LBSAFC | Graphic Design
Mukitixi | Graphic Design
Credisul | Graphic Design
The design process in our studio merge through the scale of one object to urban design, combining the collaboration of a big network of specialists, experts and advisers, ranging from programmers, engineers, artists, architects, designers and artisans.
In our world, design is all about putting a pen onto a paper, communicating ideas and giving the best solution. We’re all about collaboration.

Clients are considered as part of the team and the process. We listen, and act to make sure that not a single need of you is skipped. All are fulfilled.
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